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About Us
Specialty Motors can modify or develop a custom solution to fit your specific needs.


Sometimes there is a job so specific that it requires a unique piece of equipment to be developed just for that job. If you have one of these circumstances, Specialty Motors can help. Also, if there is a modification that can be made to a standard piece of equipment to answer your need, Specialty Motors will be more than happy to make those modifications for you.


Specialty Motors Equipment helps injured
workers return to their livelihood

For many years now, Specialty Motors has
partnered with Labor and Industry agencies from across the nation to return injured workers back to their jobs. In conjunction with these agencies, Specialty motors has modified stock equipment and also specially developed equipment to fit the individual needs of injured workers.

Specialty Motors thoroughly trained technical staff is standing by to help you with any questions you may have.

Call today and start saving time, energy and money right away. We look forward to doing business with you

We will custom build to fit your needs!


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