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Boatoters® and WeeleeDeelee®


Boatoters® come in 4 sizes

1.  PWC--Fits personal watercraft
2.  Model 1--Fits up to 20' boats
3.  Model SB--Fits up to 24' boats
4.  Model HD--Fits up to 28' boats


Adjustable tongue allows for different sizes of boats.  Rear bunks are adjustable for width, and front bunks with adjust automatically.  All Boatoters® can be disassembled in a matter of minutes and require little storage space.  

Model SB Boatoters® are designed for heavier boats.  The SB will take boats up to 24' and the HD (Heavy Duty) Boatoter® will take boats up to 28'.  The HD features  ¼"  axles and longer side rails.  We recommend using the 12,500# Heavy Duty  Weelee Deelee® for HD Model Boatoters®.  

Weelee Deelee®

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