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PWC Hoist
(Click on Photo for a larger view)


Today's personal watercraft, though incredible pieces of machinery, are heavy and bulky.  Most of the time, it can take up to six people to lift and move a personal watercraft.  Specialty Motors has engineered a solution that will solve your personal watercraft servicing needs.  The Personal Watercraft Hoist allows a single technician to lift a personal watercraft from its trailer or stand, lift it to a workable height and tilt it for easy access to the engine compartment.  That means there will be no more back-breaking hours spent lifting and bending over personal watercraft.  The Personal Watercraft Hoist will virtually eliminate fatigue due to lifting and bending, and will save you valuable man hours.  By adding optional ramps, the Personal Watercraft Hoist can be doubled as an ATV, Snow machine and/or Lawn Tractor workstation.  

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